blog logo What Was Your Best Investment?

I read Warren Buffet's book recently and he talks about his best investment being a Dale Carreige book on public speaking. That made me think. Here is a guy that is worth billions and his best investment was a book.

There is no doubt that books are powerful and that you can learn from the best of the best through them. It's the best way to expand your mind and learn from the greats.

I asked myself what was my best investment and came up with a book as well.

Back in 2004 I was working two jobs that paid the average hourly wage. I was young so I had the energy to work that much BUT I knew that I wanted a change. I knew that I wanted to get into the IT field.

I had gone to college for a year but had to leave for personal reasons. My computer skills were pretty advanced for a hobbyist and I was known as the computer guy among friends and family.

I decided to download the CompTIA A+ certification exam book. I read through it to fill in the knowledge gaps during slow nights at work.

About six months later, I finished the book and mastered all the practice tests. I felt confident that I could go into the test and ace it!

At the time, the A+ cert required two tests. I took the first and passed with flying colors. Before taking the second test, I was called for an interview for a help desk position.

I went into the interview and all the questions that were asked of me were things I'd been studying for. I impressed the hell out of them and got an offer right on the spot!! Goodbye double shifts and hello new career. At the age of 19 I was well on my way to a successful career in IT.

I couldn't be happier. Almost ten years later and I'm still going strong in the field as a Senior Technical Architect. I’ve gone back to school and finished my degree to satisfy my personal goal and continue to collect industry certifications.

It all started off with a book! My investment in myself paid me back 1000 fold!