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Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss is one of the best books I've read this year.

Salt Sugar Fat Book cover

It's a real page turner for anyone that is interested in health OR in the history of big companies.

Here are a few interesting facts that I wrote down to wet your appetite.

  • There is a special type of salt that is cut to stick to foods like chips.

  • Phillip Morris (A tobacco company) owned a bunch of the big name brands : Kool-Aid, General Foods, Jello, Oreo's, Kraft and many, many more. They used tobacco industry techniques to get us hooked on their food products.

  • Oreos wanted to increase revenue due to slow sales in the US. They targeted India. India's obesity rate sky-rocketed.

  • There are teams of food scientist that are studying how to reach our "bliss point" when eating food, making us addicted to it.

  • There was a secret meeting of CEOs from top food companies (Phillsbury, Nestle, Kraft, Coca-Cola and more) to discuss how much of America's obesity problem was their responsibility. Wonder what the conclusion was? Read the book!

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