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I just realized I haven't talked much tech yet!

To get things started I'm going to talk about my setup and the technology I'm using to develop the newest version of


My go-to editor is Sublime Text 2! It's a lightweight IDE that makes a lot of sense and you can customize it all you want and install packages that are applicable to your needs.

Not to mention that it is cross platform. So whether I'm on my mac or windows machine, I'm working in the same IDE with the same configurations. I keep everything copied via Copy

If only they had a chromebook app though!

Some packages that I recommend.

Package Control - Get this to make installing packages extremely easy. Read up on it!

All Autocomplete - Extend Sublime autocompletion to find matches in all open files of the current window.

Auto Semi-Colon - Automatically moves a semi-colon to the outside of the last bracket when pressed inside.

Emmet - It improves your workflow! Watch the video!

GitGutter - Package to see git diff in gutter.

JSHint - JSHint is a tool that helps to detect errors and potential problems in your JavaScript code.

SFTP - This is a paid but completely worth it. Sublime SFTP

SideBarEnhancements - Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.

SublimeCodeIntel - Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine.

SublimeLinter - Interactive code linting framework for Sublime Text.

WakaTime - Automatic time tracking for Sublime Text.


My private code is committed to bitbucket. Public code goes on github. Check out my code!

My servers are hosted with Digital Ocean. I run this blog from there too!

What an awesome service for developers for a fraction the cost of AWS. It comes highly recommended. The best I've found in the past 2 years.


I'm living in the nodeJS world! Not only is it super fast and reliable but it's also much easier to program front and back-end without having to switch languages. That's the biggest selling point for me. The current version of gateC21 is javascript/php. You get use to switching your brain but you're always in danger of messing up syntax.

Some nodeJS modules that I'm using

NPM - Makes it incredibly easy to install packages for nodeJS.

nodemon - Keeps track of when you make changes to files and restarts the node daemon automatically.

I have a "MEAN" stack but minus the A (Angular). I suppose I'm using the "MEN" stack.

MongoDB Express NodeJS


OK, there is an extra K in that acronym. I'm using
KeystoneJS as my CMS but adding it would have messed up my cool stack name.

It also deserves it's own shine. It's a great piece of software that can do a lot! I still feel like I know only 10% of it's capabilities. I've also learned a ton about programming style and node in general by looking at their demo page and other open source projects that they have. Kudos to our Aussie friends!


On the front end of things I'm using the following.

jQuery - You probably already know everything about this framework.

skelJS - A lightweight responsive framework for the www.

HandleBars - Minimal Templating on Steroids.

When asked what language you should learn if you want to get started in development I say javascript! No hesitation.

Javascript has come a long way. From being a joke language to now being a powerful language that many companies develop on.

Thanks for reading up to this point! I hope that my workflow helps you in some way.

Embrace the future and stay on top of things!