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I'm really into the way the web is looking nowadays. There has been a big push for minimalist design! It makes everything feel intuitive and modern.

Even the blogging software that I'm using Ghost has embraced this concept! Love it!!

There is also a huge community of designers that are distributing high quality images and files for free! It's amazing really. Hop over to Dribbble to see the magic!

Better yet check out Dribbbleboard to get an overview of what is popular.

I want to be part of this movement! Here is my contribution. It is an image I created for my blog to represent Boston! We have tons of great things happening over here and I'd like to see other Boston innovators using it!

Boston Love

The link below includes the photoshop file if you want to modify the image. Additionally, there's an image file that is simpler to use without getting your hands too dirty!

If you decide to go the PSD route make sure you have Font Awesome and QuickSand installed on your machine.